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General Election 2010: Live election leaflet monitoring

It's election season again. In the next few months politicians will be pamphleting, promising and pledging everything to procure your preference.

We need your help to photograph and upload what lands in your porch, to track their aims and save them for posterity!

Over 6000 leaflets added so far!

1) Scan any leaflets you receive

Scan any leaflets that you receive, or take a photograph if you do not have access to a scanner.
(If all else fails mail your leaflet to Scraperwiki, IC2, 146 Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, L3 5RF and don't forget to include your postcode).

2) Send them to us

Upload them directly.
(One leaflet at a time please).

Latest leaflets

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Top parties

  1. The Labour Party 574 leaflets
  2. Conservative Party 570 leaflets
  3. Liberal Democrats 510 leaflets
  4. Other 202 leaflets
  5. Green Party 168 leaflets
  6. United Kingdom Independence Party 116 leaflets
  7. Scottish National Party 40 leaflets
  8. No to AV 39 leaflets
  9. British National Party 32 leaflets
  10. Independent or Independent Network 30 leaflets

Top constituencies

  1. Cambridge 333 leaflets
  2. Oxford East 243 leaflets
  3. Islington South and Finsbury 229 leaflets
  4. Broxbourne 147 leaflets
  5. Oxford West and Abingdon 127 leaflets
  6. South Cambridgeshire 107 leaflets
  7. Ipswich 102 leaflets
  8. Bethnal Green and Bow 98 leaflets
  9. Manchester Withington 97 leaflets
  10. Holborn and St Pancras 86 leaflets