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General Election 2010: Live election leaflet monitoring

Got Election leaflets? Photo them. Send them to us.

Even in the internet age, leaflets are a time honoured way for political parties to get their message across. We want to keep track of how politicians are trying to get your vote, and where they are campaigning.

Sending us your leaflets is incredibly simple: take a high resolution colour photograph (or better yet, use a scanner if you have one) and submit it to us by clicking on the button below.

Submit a leaflet

Taking a decent photo

We recommend putting the leaflet on a flat surface like a table in a well lit room and taking a photograph of it from directly above. You might want to turn off the flash.

Don’t forget to take a photograph of all the sides of the leaflet (not just the front), and to ensure that the text is legible.

I can’t take a photo or scan

No problem, just post the leaflet to Elections Leaflet, ℅ Unlock Democracy, 37 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8PQ and don't forget to include your postcode.

Election Leaflets is run by a group of volunteers. It is currently being supported by Unlock Democracy, the campaign for democracy, rights and freedoms. Both Election Leaflets and Unlock Democracy are independent and not affiliated to any political party

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Top parties

  1. Conservative Party 820 leaflets
  2. The Labour Party 743 leaflets
  3. Liberal Democrats 640 leaflets
  4. Other 375 leaflets
  5. Green Party 260 leaflets
  6. United Kingdom Independence Party 259 leaflets
  7. British National Party 50 leaflets
  8. Scottish National Party 42 leaflets
  9. No to AV 39 leaflets
  10. Independent or Independent Network 30 leaflets

Top constituencies

  1. Cambridge 364 leaflets
  2. Oxford East 257 leaflets
  3. Islington South and Finsbury 229 leaflets
  4. Broxbourne 157 leaflets
  5. Oxford West and Abingdon 155 leaflets
  6. Poplar and Limehouse 141 leaflets
  7. South Cambridgeshire 124 leaflets
  8. Bethnal Green and Bow 121 leaflets
  9. Holborn and St Pancras 106 leaflets
  10. Ipswich 104 leaflets